Understanding & Addressing Child Safety Issues

An informative workshop for guardians and caretakers, providing information and resources in understanding the myths and realities of child safety issues; child abductions, child sexual and physical abuse. This two-hour workshop will also provide caregivers with tools to have intentional conversations with children and receive disclosures of abuse.

Workshop includes:

  • Information on sexual abuse, physical abuse, child abductions, and debunking societal myths
  • Discussion on how guardians and caretakers can have conversations with children on boundaries and safety
  • Insights regarding offender identity and behavior
  • Normal and curious sexual behavior
  • Possible signs of abuse
  • Internet and stranger safety
  • Discussion of fears guardians may have for their children
  • How to take a disclosure

Program Details

Program Sponsors

  • City of Grande Prairie Community Social Development
  • FSS Greenview
  • FCSS County of Grande Prairie

Public Awareness Coordinator



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