Building Safe & Caring Communities Through Support & Education

This 80-minute presentation provides adults with resources and information regarding sexual abuse and assault, including how to seek help if they or someone they know (child or adult) has been a victim of sexual violence. The presentation covers a variety of topics including:

  • Defining and understanding consent
  • Recognizing and reducing sexual violence in our society
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Adult roles and responsibilities to the children in their lives
Adult Sexual Violence Presentation

This presentation is available based on community need and can be tailored to suit the audience. Topics may include:

  • Statistics – The Reality of Sexual Abuse and Assault
  • Defining Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Offenders – The Truth
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Victim Blaming
  • Getting Help
  • Laws of Consent/What Does Consent Mean?
  • Recognizing Child Sexual Abuse / Taking A Disclosure
  • Why People Offend / Gender Based Violence
  • Stopping Sexual Violence / Bystander Intervention


Program Sponsors

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