Recognizing & Responding to Child Sexual Violence

An informative workshop for parents, guardians, educators and caretakers, providing information and resources in understanding child safety issues; child physical abuse, child sexual abuse, and child sexual exploitation (grooming, sexting, online safety, and trafficking). This workshop will also provide caregivers with tools to have intentional conversations with children and receive disclosures.

Workshop includes:

  • Information on sexual abuse, physical abuse, and sexual exploitation
  • Discussion on how to have conversations with children on boundaries and safety
  • Insights regarding offender identity and behavior
  • Normal and curious sexual behavior
  • Possible signs of abuse
  • Internet and stranger safety
  • Discussion around fears and child safety concerns
  • How to take a disclosure

Program Details

Program Sponsors

  • City of Grande Prairie Community Social Development
  • FSS Greenview
  • FCSS County of Grande Prairie

Public Education Coordinator


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