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The Sexual Violence Presentation is a 1-2 session program for Grades 7-12. Each session is roughly 60-80 minutes in length.
This program is created specifically for teens to give them the knowledge, language, and permission to have healthy and productive conversations about sexual violence.
Sexual Violence Presentation


 Day 1

  • Define and discuss sexual abuse, assault, and harassment
  • Discuss key messages: (1) It is never the victim’s fault (2) The most important thing to do is tell an adult

Day 2

  • Talk about sexting, coping, and consent (asking for a “yes”, age of consent)
  • Allow students to share their beliefs and opinions regarding sex
  • Explaining the importance of boundaries and communication
  • Discuss why people sexually offend and how this is connected to unhealthy language and ideas of masculinity, women, and sex
  • Tackle what individuals and society can do to help reduce or eliminate sexual violence in our communities

Individual Time

The Sexual Violence Presentation provides students with an opportunity to speak one-on-one with facilitators about personal questions or concerns in their own lives or in the lives of their friends. As such, disclosures including but not limited to abuse or unhealthy coping mechanisms may occur and may need to be reported to one or several of the following: the student’s parents/guardians, Children’s Services, the RCMP, and/or School Staff.


Program Sponsors

City of Grande Prairie Community Social Development

FSS Greenview

FCSS County of Grande Prairie

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