Impacts of Sexual Violence, Exploitation and Social Media:

Children and Youth

This is a presentation for parents, teachers, guardians, and caregivers and is given as a full-day course.
This presentation will give individuals an overview of how to recognize, respond to, and support children/youth experiencing sexual violence. It will also give an overview of the negative influence of social media usage and how to keep yourself and your child(ren) safe from online sexual exploitation. Whether you are a parent, teacher, and/or in a supportive role of children and youth this program will give you the tools on how to deal with such prevalent and sensitive issues.
Recognizing & Responding to Child Sexual Violence Program

Workshop includes:

  • Definitions of child sexual abuse
  • Definition of sexual assault and sexual harassment
  • Healthy & unhealthy relationships: Recognizing the signs of abuse
  • Gender stereotypes: exploring misogyny & abuse
  • Sexual abuse statistics
  • Consent & coercion
  • Sexual grooming
  • Internet safety, sextortion and sexting
  • Exploitation: parents & social media
  • Exploitation: human trafficking (risk factors and warning signs)
  • How to talk to your children about internet safety & sexual exploitation online
  • Disclosures: Why is it hard to tell?
  • How to take & respond to different types of disclosures of child sexual abuse
  • Impacts of trauma & trauma responses
  • Understanding offenders: attitudes and beliefs
  • Indicators of abuse
  • Resources available within the community for parents & children


Program Sponsors

City of Grande Prairie Community Social Development

FSS Greenview

FCSS County of Grande Prairie

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