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Intergenerational Healing: A Trauma Informed Approach to Parenting is a 15-week, closed group psycho-educational program aimed at improving the lives of children by providing trauma informed resources to parents who have a desire to strengthen or develop secure/healthy attachment with their children.

The program contains facilitated discussion and activities with participants. These discussions support the integration of the program information into the development of self-care practice, emotional and social skill development, healthy relationship building, and the development of secure attachments with children in their care/lives.

Pace Intergenerational Healing Program

IGH is a closed support group that provides participants opportunity to understand and work through underlying and often complex issues and challenges to safe and positive parenting. Participants will build or add to their toolkits for enjoying more positive outcomes in their parenting journey and strengthening parent /child relationships.

IGH is intended to help children develop and thrive to become safe, caring, engaged adults. To this end the group supports adults in the child’s life to be safe and caring parental/caregiver role models. 

IGH Group will be offered by PACE in Grande Prairie.

Please note: The next Pace IGH group in Grande Prairie is scheduled to for Monday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:30pm beginning March 4th, and ending June 24th, 2024

For more information, or to arrange for screening and an intake interview, please contact Pace.

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What is trauma?

Trauma occurs when we are exposed to traumatic events or traumatic situations, and when this exposure overwhelms our ability to cope with what we have experienced.

  • Exposure to trauma may occur repeatedly over long periods of time. These are called chronic traumatic situations.
  • Trauma that occurs at a particular time and place and is usually short lived, is know as acute traumatic events.

Trauma calls forth a range of emotional responses, including but not limited to; intense or overwhelming feelings of fear, horror, helplessness, confusion, anxiety, loss of trust in others, decreased send of personal safety, and feeling of guilt and shame.

Trauma Unresolved

Trauma may be left unresolved for many reasons. It may be that the trauma is not disclosed or discovered, or others may not know how to support someone in processing trauma. It may be that the person experiencing trauma appears to be doing fine. When traumas unresolved, the impact may re-surface in ways that are damaging, long after the traumatic event(s).

Relationship breakdowns, addictions, mental health issues, and struggles with success in education, employment, social connections, and parenting, can all have roots in unresolved trauma.


Eligibility is determined during a required screening interview. We accept referrals from individuals and other organizations.

Program Sponsors

The Government of Alberta

Program Costs

There is no fee for this program to eligible candidates.

“Trauma is personal. It does not disappear if it is not validated. When it is ignored or invalidated the silent screams continue internally heard only by the one held captive. When someone enters the pain and hears the screams healing can begin.” 

Danielle Bernock


Intergenerational Healing Self Care

Self-care is the underpinning of each session through which participants explore:

  • Safety, trust, grief, and loss
  • Growth throughout life, and crisis as a catalyst for change
  • Balance between control and responsibility
  • Family roles and methods of response
  • Family maps, meaning and messages
  • Intergenerational trauma, processing trauma for self
  • The developing brain, attachment, achievement, autonomy and altruism
  • Child ages and stages of development
  • Support to children processing trauma
  • Effective communication in interpersonal relationships
  • Linking emotions, thoughts, and behaviours
  • Understanding family violence
  • Addictions and mental health
  • Emotional and executive function skill development

Trauma-informed practice

As a leader in working with client trauma, Pace offers this group program for adults who feel that trauma may be impacting their relationships, and/or affecting the children in their care.

The importance of community partnerships

Pace collaborates with local agencies or organizations to support the success of the program through partnership agreements. Partnership agreements may include:

  • Provision of space and hosting for group meetings
  • Screening referral readiness
  • Scheduling intake interviews with program staff
  • Assistance with arranging transportation and/or childcare
  • Follow-up with participants who may find some content overwhelming
  • Re-connecting with participants who mis a group
  • Designating staff to participate in group

If your organization provides services to a population who may benefit from this group, and if you are able to partner to ensure the groups success in your community, please contact the Program Coordinator.

Inter-Generational Healing TESTIMONIALS

"I had to force myself to come every week, even though I looked forward to it. The course was pretty deep, it dealt with both the head stuff and the heart stuff. I loved the course, and learned a lot about myself."
"The biggest realization I had is to take care of myself, that if I am not safe, and if I cannot control my emotions, and communicate my feelings and needs, I cannot help the children build those skills. I now believe in myself, and I deserve to have safety and respect in my relationships."
"I am talking about how abuse has affected me with my sisters, we are all talking about things we never used to speak about, we want to end the trauma with our generation, we want to be there for our children."
"I never thought of myself as important before, everyone else's needs came before mine. This has flipped for me – I am setting healthy boundaries, talking about my feelings, my thoughts, what I need, and it is working. "
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