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The “Who Do You Tell?”™ Program is a comprehensive sexual abuse education program for children. Trained educators teach students three key messages:

  • Childhood sexual abuse is NEVER the child’s fault.
  • It’s ok to say NO.
  • TELL someone you know and trust.

Delivery of the program consists of two presentations for each class in a discussion format with pictures, videos, and books.

Who Do You Tell Program

The program includes a staff information session & parent information session.

  • The “Who Do You Tell?”™ Program is a sexual abuse education program created specifically for elementary schoolchildren, their parents, and teachers
  • The “WDYT?”™ Program was first introduced in Calgary in 1983
  • The “WDYT?”™ Program has the approval of the Grande Prairie Public, Catholic, and Peace Wapiti School Boards
  • The “WDYT?”™ Program has been offered to students in Grande Prairie and Area since 2008

Program Outline:

The “Who Do You Tell?”™ Program is a 2 session program for Kindergarten to Grade 6. Each session is roughly 60 minutes in length. Prior to presenting to classrooms, Pace provides presentations for both school staff and parents (30-60min in length each), equipping them with knowledge of child sexual abuse, how to take disclosures, what their role in supporting their students/children is, and a clearer sense of the program.

Day 1

  • Use of pictures to discuss 4 different kinds of touches:
  • OK Touches – Who gets to decide how a touch makes you feel?
  • Hurtful Touches (Hit, kick, punch, etc.) with discussion on domestic violence & physical abuse
  • Not Ok Touches to Private Parts
  • Helpful Touches to Private Parts – Changing a baby’s diaper, Doctor, etc.
  • Learn proper anatomical names for private parts
  • Talk about key messages: (1) Abuse is never the child’s fault (2) Most important thing is to tell an adult
  • Discuss bribes & threats

Day 2

  • Review different kinds of touches & information from Day 1
  • Read story (Grades K-1) or watch video with 3 different scenarios (Grades 2-6) and discuss
  • Answer Questions & sing song (Grades 2-3)

Key Messages of the “Who Do You Tell?”™ Program include:

  • Every child has the right to say “NO”.
  • It is never a child’s fault when abuse occurs.
  • Children need to tell an adult they trust.

Individual Time

The “WDYT?”™ program provides students with an opportunity to speak one-on-one with facilitators about personal questions or concerns in their own lives or in the lives of their friends. As such, disclosures including but not limited to abuse or unhealthy coping mechanisms may occur and may need to be reported to one or several of the following: the student’s parents/guardians, Children’s Services, the RCMP, and/or School Staff.


Program Sponsors

City of Grande Prairie Community Social Development

FCSS Greenview

FCSS County of Grande Prairie

“Children remind us to treasure the smallest of gifts, even in the most difficult of times.”

Allen Klein

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