Sex Trade Offender Program (STOP)

Building safe and caring communities through support and education

The Sex Trade Offender Program (STOP) is a post-court diversion program for first time offending sex buyers. Participants agree to spend a full day hearing directly about how sex trade survivors, families, neighborhoods, businesses, and communities are harmed by their actions.

Topics covered will include; Vice Laws and Street Facts, Pimps & Predators, Health Risks & Facts, Voluntary STI testing, Healthy Sexual Behaviors & Addictions, Impact of Buying Sex: Self, Family, Neighborhood, Community, Impact of Sexual Exploitation on: Victim, Survivor and Family/Parents.

Participants to the program must NOT have a history of violence and/or child exploitation and strict adherence to guidelines for participation are enforced.

A fee of $750 must be paid to take part in the program as an alternative to a court-imposed fine for the charge. This fee will be used to support programming for victims of sexual violence and exploitation in the Northwest Region. Participation for the entire day is mandatory for successful completion.

If you have NOT been arrested, but think this program could help you, please contact Pace. You may be eligible to attend with a reduced fee. 780-539-6692.

What is an Adult Alternative Measures Program? What does this mean for me?
You will not have a criminal record. Once you complete the program the charge will be withdrawn.
Will I have a criminal record if I go to the Sex Trade Offender Program?
No, because it is an approved Adult Alternative Measures Program. However, when you apply for a Security Clearance, it will state for 1 year that you have had “criminal involvement but dealt with by way of Alternative Measures.” It is your responsibility to explain this to whoever is requesting the security clearance.
How much does the program cost?
$750. A money-order payable to Pace is preferred. We cannot accept a cheque. However, we do accept debit or credit card payment. A processing fee will apply to digital transactions. A cash payment must be discussed with the Program Coordinator first. Call 780-539-6692.
Do I have to attend my Court date after I have completed the Sex Trade Offender Program?
It’s a good precaution to either attend or have someone attend to you so that you are confident that your charge is withdrawn. There is always the potential for a slip-up in a big system.
Can I go to the Sex Trade Offender Program even if I have not been arrested, but I know I have a problem cruising the internet or street looking for women?
YES. Please call Pace at 780-539-6692. The STOP Program

Crime Prevention – Report-A-John: Help Keep Our Community Safe

Assist us in the tracking of john activity, the activity of sex trade worker’s clients, in your community. Street prostitution and related activities harm children, adults, families, communities and the city.

To report a “john”, complete this form and click submit. Please provide as much detail as possible including: 

  • Location, date & time
  • Vehicle information
  • A description of the offender
  • A description of the “john” activity

This information will be used to understand where and how much sex trade worker activity is occurring in Grande Prairie neighbourhoods.

“John” activity can be described as:

  • Anyone who propositions someone or pays for sexual services
  • Repeated drives by a location for a sexual purpose
  • Slowing down to observe or proposition a person
  • Dropping off a known sex trade worker
  • Parking and watching sex trade workers


Sexual Abuse and Addiction

Sex is uncontrollable energy

Sex is an obligation

Sex is addictive

Sex is hurtful

Sex is a condition for love

Or void of love

Sex is “doing to” someone

Sex is void of communication

Sex is secretive

Sex is exploitative

Sex is deceitful

Sex benefits one person

Sex is emotionally distant

Sex is irresponsible

Sex is unsafe

Sex has no limits

Sex is power over someone

Sex requires a double life

Sex compromises your values

Sex feels shameful

Healthy Sex

Sex is controllable energy

Sex is a choice

Sex is a natural drive

Sex is natural, healing

Sex is an expression of love

Sex is sharing with someone

Sex is part of who I am

Sex requires communication

Sex is private

Sex is respectful

Sex is honest

Sex is mutual

Sex is intimate

Sex is responsible

Sex is safe

Sex has boundaries

Sex is empowering

Sex enhances who you really are

Sex reflects your values

Sex enhances self-esteem

The Grande Prairie STOP is modeled on the successful and longstanding Edmonton STOP created and implemented by The Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation (CEASE). The Grande Prairie STOP is possible thanks to the ongoing support and mentoring of CEASE.

The Grande Prairie STOP is an ongoing community partnership made possible by the contributions of Grande Prairie RCMP, the Office of the Crown Prosecutor, Probation, Sunrise House Youth Emergency Shelter, Burden Bearers Counselling Services, ACT Medical, and Pace.

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