Community Support Training For 2022

Community Support Training 2022

Pace is pleased to partner with Northwestern Polytechnic Continuing Education to offer our COMMUNITY SUPPORT TRAINING SERIES!

Pace is proud to offer leading-edge training in best practice, while building safe and caring communities through support and education. All workshop are facilitated by skilled, caring and enthusiastic professionals with training and experience, making this training invaluable. All courses can be taken STAND-ALONE or as part of the CRISIS RESPONSE MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE.

Courses are designed for community members, professional, students, first responders and front-line workers. If you would like to register contact Northwestern Polytechnic Continuing Education at 780-539-2975.

There are two options for the trainings:


Community Support Training FALL 2022

For more information please visit:

Fall 2022 schedule

Download FALL 2022 Schedule Here

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