Pace Centre’s 43 Anniversary Party

43rd Anniversary Party Photo 1
In honor of Pace Centre’s 43rd Anniversary, we invited all of Pace’s past and present employees, board members, volunteers, and those who have so generously donated to our organization over the years!
The event was held on September 16th.

For 43 remarkable years, Pace has stood as a beacon of hope, guidance, and unwavering support within the community.

What began as a small initiative has grown exponentially into a respected community support agency, touching countless lives. Over these four-plus decades, Pace has not only witnessed changes within the community but has actively fostered those changes, ensuring that everyone they assist feels heard, valued, and empowered.

This milestone is a testament to the agency’s longevity and speaks volumes about the dedication, passion, and resilience in making Pace what it is today. Their commitment to enhancing lives and building stronger communities remains as vibrant now as it was at its inception, and the community is undoubtedly better for it. Celebrating 43 years is not merely marking an anniversary; it’s honoring a legacy of profound impact and looking forward to a future filled with continued service and growth.

Party Photos

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